Blog ‘bout Book Blogs (Blogbandonment)

  • Looked at the review policy. Don’t review poetry? No point in staying…but wait…
  • I searched their site for my genre. Hey look, they did review a poetry book, and they said they should do more. There’s my in.
  • Guest posts. If they take them, I read through some to see if my writing fits.
  • I cut and pasted some of my request, but always added something to show that I read their blog.
  • I also looked to see if their reviews generated comments/discussions. More discussions = more readers
  • Bloggers are clever! There are great names out there. Here are some of my favorites: Brooke-reports, Bookedonafeeling, Spinesinaline, Literaryweaponry, Fortheloveofdewey
  • Book bloggers are 99% female. Why is this? I suspect that what I was told in school is correct, “Girls is smarter than boys” (and I thought I was SMRT)…and they have the ability to dedicate themselves to a task and finish it.



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Leon Stevens

Leon Stevens


Leon Stevens is a writer, composer, guitarist, songwriter, and an artist, with a Bachelor of Music and Education.