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Say that five times fast. That’s OK. Take your time. Try again. I’ll wait…

We’ll just have to add that to “Peter Piper” and “She Sells Seashells,” won’t we?

I decided to reach out to some more book bloggers this week. I googled book blogs and came up with sites with lists of book bloggers. As I suspected, there were a lot of them. Why book bloggers? Somebody has to read your book and like (or dislike) it enough to tell others. There are countless blogs out there…

Eggs. One of history’s oldest food sources. At one time-not that long ago-we were told that eggs are high in cholesterol and that we should limit our consumption. Then-not that long ago-eggs were OK. Just don’t eat the yolk. But that’s the best part!. The worst part is that little white squiggly thing attached to the yolk. Blech… (Oh, I’ll eat it, it’s a pain to separate it). Now it’s an all clear for eggs.

Eggs should be kept in the refrigerator-unless you’re in Europe, where eggs are kept at room temperature. …

Welcome to my new conversation series! Season 1, Episode 1: The One with Abigail

[Chairs scuffing on floor…*cough*…]

Hi, Abigail. I’m glad you made it. I know that internet traffic can be congested at times. So, if you are comfortable, let’s get started. In 33 1/3 words (see what I did there?) or less, tell me a little about you.

I’m a musician and author from the East Coast, now living in Toronto! I also play the oboe, sing, and write lyrics. I’m very inspired by the places I grew up around back home. (did I do that right?)

You’re a little over, but I’ll let it pass. What is your favorite note?


In most team sports winning gold and bronze are worth celebrating, but that second-place silver is a punch in the gut.

Watch the final game between third and fourth place and see an ecstatic group of players winning the third-place bronze medal. Then watch the gold medal game to see a dejected bunch of silver medal winners.

Second place is worth celebrating in most Olympic sports. You see smiles on the silver medal winners.

Is there a remedy? My solution would take longer and not but would make each medal a victory.

Top 4 teams are in the finals. 1st…

When the NHL decided not to send their players to the Seoul Olympics, there was a group that benefited: The amateurs.

For many, this was going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Imagine playing in the minors knowing that making it in the big leagues was a long shot at best but getting the chance to compete on the world stage and win an Olympic medal.

There were some very happy Canadian hockey players holding bronze medals. Germany may not have had much of a chance to get a silver medal if it hadn’t been for the situation…

It’s all about the athletes, isn’t it?

Well, maybe it’s about the opportunity to acquire or upgrade facilities to train the athletes, which is what the games are about.

Or perhaps it is to put your country into the spotlight so that the world can see what great things you are doing for your athletes, in the new facilities, which is what the games are about.

Maybe it is to bring people from all over the world to visit your country while showcasing your corporate-sponsored and government-funded facilities, and hopefully buy a lot of t-shirts and stuffed mascots so that…

It was bound to happen. Not everyone is going to enjoy every author’s books. But I have to admit, my heart dropped a bit when I saw the rating.

1.0 out of 5 stars Boring Stories
Reviewed in the United States on July 10, 2021
Boring stories that don’t draw in the reader. Nothing really interesting happens.

Can I dispute the review? Not really, since this is the opinion of an individual, and there is nothing that I can say except thank them for their honesty. I suppose I could ask the question. “Did you read the whole thing?”


“I wish that I could smile, but then I look back at each receding mile.” –from I’m Sorry by Leon Stevens

I remember seeing my childhood home disappear behind the climbing tree. As my sister and I got older — and braver — we would climb higher through the prickly, sappy branches until reaching the point where you could feel it sway. We had built forts in it, each one a bit better than the last, but each with its own problems. The branches were so thick and long that they could be slid down like a slide until father…

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

My father is the most honest and hardworking person I know. He is also altruistic, caring, and generous. There is no one in the world I look up to more or would rather emulate. It’s a hard goal to reach, and when I stumble, I have no fear, for I know he will catch me-or at least cushion the fall. I have never seen him angry. If I did, that memory has been erased by his forgiveness.

I can’t sit and talk to people for hours-minutes even can be a stretch. But with my dad it’s…

Leon Stevens

Leon Stevens is a writer, composer, guitarist, songwriter, and an artist, with a Bachelor of Music and Education. www.linesbyleon.com

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