(Author edit: November 5. I added a blog post to my poem)

Say that five times fast. That’s OK. Take your time. Try again. I’ll wait…

We’ll just have to add that to “Peter Piper” and “She Sells Seashells,” won’t we?

I decided to reach out to some more book…

First things first: Day 22 — Open

After I finished drawing the nest I though, “Those are some big babies…” and, “How are they fitting in the nest?”*

All previous drawings: https://linesbyleon.com/inktober/

About the interviews:

When I published my first book, I looked for ways to reach new readers, and being a brand new author, participating in various book bloggers interviews was a good way to start. …

Too Much or Too Little

I don’t like wasting food. I try to keep the contents of my refrigerator to a minimum, but sometimes the perfect storm arrives. Which has my fridge fuller than usual.

A good sale at the grocery store. What I took out from the freezer a…

Leon Stevens

Leon Stevens is a writer, composer, guitarist, songwriter, and an artist, with a Bachelor of Music and Education. www.linesbyleon.com

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